Tuesday, September 30, 2008

As politicians stand up and promise "change" to the nation, people
with a whole lot less power than the politicians are out there actually making change. As writer Peter Linebaugh says in the film you are about to watch, "We can't wait around any longer for the wheel of
history to turn - we are the wheel of history."

Living together in a converted school bus, a diverse group of artists, filmmakers, and musicians set out to fill in our national narrative. They ended up with a road movie like no other, featuring Dead Prez, Oliver Stone, guerilla poster artist Robbie Conal, and Hurricane Katrina survivors of New Orleans' 9th Ward. Follow the LAFCO (Los
Angeles Filmmakers Cooperative) crew as they search for, and find, pockets of change in the most downtrodden parts of America.

From Venice Beach to Brooklyn, New York, through the Southwestern desert to the deep south, this is a portrait of the United States seldom seen in the mass media.

"LAFCO went looking for pockets of change and what they came back with was an alternative American atlas: beautiful idiosyncratic and troubled. Go visit." -Laura Flanders

"Moving, poignant, brutally honest, heartfelt and entertaining ... One of the best films I've seen." -Jolie Chain

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